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Quality mark certifies odour barrier for fuel oil tanks
Nowadays, oil heating is a system which fully meets the user’s needs for guarantee of supply, cost effectiveness, comfort and low environmental pollution. Over the course of time the individual system components have been further developed , so that they are perfectly aligned to current demands.

In addition, the fuel oil storage systems have fundamentally changed to comply with actual requirements. Today, the general requirement is to prevent any smell from oil indoors. The improved insulation of buildings and the increasing trend to store fuel oil nearby, placing the fuel tanks directly into the central heating room, are making it a prerequisite that tanks are impermeable for smell.

Therefore, some manufacturers have already equipped plastic tanks (polyethylene) with highly effective odour barriers since the middle of the nineties.
As this does still not apply throughout for all products in the market some well-known manufacturers have joined forces into “Qualitätsgemeinschaft geruchsgesperrte Heizölanlagen e. V.” (QgH). After the audit by an independent organisation (Fraunhofer Institut Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung), QgH has issued the label “PROOFED BARRIER®” to certify the effectiveness of the tested odour barriers.

So, the installer, being committed to serve and advise the end-user, can thereby be assured about the effectiveness and durability of the odour barrier of the tanks offered.
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